Toronto's Mega Sunset Is Back This Saturday & These Pics Show How Stunning It Is (PHOTOS)

Like a movie poster! 😍
Toronto Sunset Known As Torontohenge Is Back On Saturday In All Its Beauty

Everyone knows that a sunset can throw up a stunning view. But, twice a year, Toronto's sunset reaches a whole new level of beautiful. You might want to get your camera ready, as the rare mega Toronto sunset known as "Torontohenge" is back on Saturday, October 26, and photos from previous occasions show the full extent of how stunningly beautiful it really is.

This is a photographer's chance to shine, literally, by capturing the most breathtaking pictures in the city. This Saturday, due to the precise position of the sun and the earth, you'll be able to catch the sun setting down the middle of Toronto's east-to-west streets, creating a simply magical effect.

This event only happens four times a year, for two sunrises and two sunsets. This coming Saturday is the last chance you have until the year ends to catch a stunning and rare view.

If you have the time, take advantage and sit back and watch the sun settle before winter makes its way into the city. The best time to see this effect this time around will be at about 6:17 p.m. on Saturday evening. 

According to The Weather Network, the best spots to see the sunset last year were on King Street, Adelaide Street, or Bloor Street. This is because these streets all have rows of very tall buildings on both sides, which gives a focused effect and helps to capture a great western view of the horizon.

And getting out to find a good view of the phenomenon is well, well worth it.

Just look at these photos from previous occasions and tell us this isn't like something off a movie poster.

If you're wondering why it's called "Torontohenge", GTA Photography Classes online explains the name date back to thousands of years. Stonehenges, which are ancient stone monuments now grouped together under the name Stonehenge after the famous UK landmark, were long ago used to tell the date and time.

In turn, Neil deGrasse Tyson, the famous astrophysicist, formed the term "Manhattanhenge" and other cities like the 6ix have since made it their own. 

It's truly an incredible sight to behold. We'd recommend making sure you have enough space on your camera roll because you'll be sure to take a lot of pictures.

As a side note, if you're a driver expecting to be downtown on Saturday evening, you might want to dust off the sunglasses.

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