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Toronto Teen Awarded $75K After Being Sexually Harassed At Her Internship

Her career dreams became a harassment nightmare.
Toronto Teen Awarded $75K After Being Sexually Harassed At Her Internship

A 19-year-old former intern has been granted $75,000 by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario for the sexual harassment she experienced at her internship when she was 15. 

The young woman, referred to as G.M. to protect her privacy, explained that having the chance to intern at her family friend's tattoo parlour was "a dream come true" for her.

She loved to draw and was excited about a career in tattooing,  but her dream quickly became a nightmare when her boss, the tattoo shop owner, started to make G.M. uncomfortable. He admitted to making inappropriate comments and questions, like asking her about her favourite sex positions -- yikes. 

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To ward off her boss' advances, G.M. ignored him and reminded him that he was married, however her boss persisted. His behaviour eventually escalated into assault, and according to criminal proceedings the shop owner touched her buttocks and breasts, showed her his penis and inserted his finger into her vagina. Going as far as to offer her a free tattoo in exchange for sex. 

G.M. took legal action, and after two years of criminal proceedings, her former boss pleaded guilty to sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, and sexual interference. 

G.M. says that his two-month sentence wasn't nearly enough punishment for what he'd done, and that she feels like she's been "been ripped off by the judicial system." However, G.M.'s lawyer Beth Walden claims that the $75,000 award "reflects the seriousness of his conduct."

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After her awful internship experience, G.M. became withdrawn from her social life and took a long break from making art. But, she says that the tribunal's decision is "a small light at the end of this dark tunnel."

Source: Huffington Post