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An Epic Tequila & Taco Festival Is Coming To Toronto Today And We Can't Even

Tequila and tacos, name a more iconic duo. We didn't think so. Hot summer days may be fading away but that certainly doesn't mean that those salt-rimmed margarita glasses and soft corn tortillas aren't still calling your name! Luckily, you can indulge in both treats in one place this fall at the Toronto Tequila Festival 2019 coming to the 6ix in October.

The festival, which will be held inside Berkeley Church on Queen Street on October 4, will feature a variety of tequila brands served on the rocks, in cocktails, or alongside some delicious tacos.

Live DJs, seminars, and tasting sessions are also included and all at no extra cost after admission! Each ticket holder will receive an epic (and totally free) tequila tasting glass as well.

The event's Public Relations Project Manager Courtney DeCaire tells Narcity that the event, the first of its kind in Toronto, is meant to be chill rather than fancy and a fun, entry-level crash course in tequila.

"This is meant to be a window into the ever-emerging tequila category here in Ontario/Canada... Come out and learn, sample, meet and hang with like-minded folks who just want to do something cool and unique with some friends."

"Most of our events are like this. No red carpet, no step and repeat, no pretense, just good people having a good time."

You can even learn about the ageing process for tequila and sample a wide variety of flavour profiles, too.

The festival will feature classic favourites like Jose Cuervo and also some tequila you can't get at the LCBO. Whether you're a tequila aficionado or a novice lover of the drink, there is something at the festival for everyone.

Everyone who is legal drinking age and not a dog, that is.

"Do not bring dogs or kids. Do bring a thirst for tequila and knowledge. Bring your relaxed pants and get ready to dive into the world of tequila and have some fun," DeCaire tells Narcity.

"We will have some stuff not available in regular listing at LCBO. Only private order. There will be some makers there too!"

According to the festival's press release, there is an ever-growing interest in tequila in Canada, making it the perfect time to feature some Mezcal (agave-based alcohol).

"With tequila sales in Canada more than doubling in the last 10 years, we figured it was time to create an event that features the agave spirits," according to Scott Rondeau, co-owner at Drink Inc. and co-founder of the Toronto Tequila Festival.

"Our goal is to also incorporate an educational component so that our audience understands the full scope and history of this beautiful, handcrafted spirit."

Admission will get you inside and includes a sampling glass and an official sampling.

The rest of the event works on a pay-as-you-go system. Tokens will cost $2 each, although the number of tokens required will vary based on alcohol content, quantity, and ingredients.

Toronto Tequila Festival

Price: $20 advance tickets

When: Friday, October 4

Address: 315 Queen St. E., Toronto

Why You Need To Go: You can learn about how tequila is aged, sample some delicious cocktails, and fill up on tasty tacos!

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