In the back of our minds, we knew that Toronto's promising start to spring was too good to last. It should come as no surprise to anyone at this point that when it comes to the weather, the start of the new season means absolutely nothing in southern Ontario. Even as we head into the tail end of March, winter weather is refusing to loosen its grip on the Toronto area. Snowfall is in the forecast for the Greater Toronto Area next week.

But, before we get to that point, Toronto will enjoy a pleasant and sunny weekend. A high of 6°C is in the forecast for Saturday, followed by 10°C on Sunday - plus, nothing but sunshine on both days. It isn't until Monday that we'll begin to see a winter-like weather pattern move in.

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According to The Weather Network, Toronto's high will feel like -5°C with the windchill. Their Monday forecast tells us that the city can expect up to 4 cm of snow and even some rain. It'll be a messy and gusty day, with nearly 40 km/hour winds and plenty of precipitation. 

Take a look at the 7-day forecast in the Toronto area:

Via The Weather Network | Toronto

Most of southern Ontario can expect to see at least some snow flurries on Monday. The GTA will likely get the bulk of the snow, but cities outside of the GTA including the Hamilton-Niagara region and north towards cottage country may see anywhere from 2-4 cm on Monday, according to The Weather Network's current projections.

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As for summer weather predictions, The Weather Network says that it could go one of two ways, depending on the El Nino event. If it remains weak, warm temperatures will dominate southern Ontario and make for a hot and sticky summer.  A stronger El Nino pattern could lead to a cooler weather shift. It may be too early to tell at this stage, but we have high hopes for a beautiful summer this year.

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