If you haven’t yet heard about the heat warning in effect for the GTA right now you may need to start thinking of how you’re going to deal with the overwhelming temperatures this week.

Tomorrow may very well be the worst day of the year for the city of Toronto in terms of heat.

It’s going to be an absolute scorcher. In fact, it’s going to be as hot as the place that currently holds the record for hottest temperature on Earth.

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Tomorrow, the city is looking at a temperature of 42° C with the humidex factored in.

That’s the exact same temperature that the desert of Death Valley in California is expecting tomorrow as well. 

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Toronto is literally going to be as hot as a desert, which depending on who you are may or may not be worse than parts of B.C. and Alberta, which are getting snow today

Thankfully, Toronto won’t be getting anywhere near the hottest temperature in Death Valley recorded back in 1913,  an astounding 56.7° Celcius. 

Suddenly 42° almost sounds nice and cool after reading that number, doesn’t it? 

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The heat warning is expected to be in place for much of this week in the GTA, with temperatures dropping down to more reasonable levels on Thursday. 

So depending on who you are this week going to be the last great week of summer, or an absolute nightmare while you pray for winter to come quickly. 

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