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Toronto To Warm Back Up This Week With Sunshine And Double-Digit Highs

Toronto will see a return to mild and sunny weather as the week progresses.

Toronto was shocked to wake up to winter-like weather on Sunday after a dusting of spring snowfall blanketed the city. The recent bout of snowy weather may have residents wondering if they are ever going to be able to have patio drinks again. Well, fear not because according to Environment Canada, the time for balcony brews may be coming sooner rather than later.

Mild temperatures and sunshine, believe it or not, are in the forecast this week. According to the Weather Network, April will be off to a rough start with an unwelcome cold front on Monday, but it is all uphill from there. Temperatures are supposed to rise steadily throughout the week, with an estimated 5-degree climb between Monday and Tuesday alone.

If predictions prove to be correct, fingers-crossed that they do, Wednesday will be sunny with clear skies reaching a high of 7°C, which means you may actually be able to step outside without layering up. Although I would suggest throwing on an extra layer if you are going out at night, as temperatures are supposed to dip back down to -3°C.

Take a look at the current 7-day forecast in Toronto:

Via TWN | Toronto

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Unfortunately, Thursday and Friday are supposed to be cloudy with varying temperatures. Thursday will be chilly with a high of 2°C whereas Friday will be warmer with a high of 7°C, but with it comes with a 40 percent chance of showers leading into the evening.

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What about the weekend? Thankfully, this weekend is supposed to see double-digit highs. A sunny Sunday takes the cake with a high of 13°C, which may not be the holy grail of weather forecasts, but it is certainly better than what we got last weekend.