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Toronto Tobogganing Ban Takes All The Fun Out Of Winter

More work for the fun police.

Photo cred - Katarina and Pete

Canada's favourite national pastime (aside from complaining about the weather), has been under attack for years now. More and more North American cities have been putting restrictions on tobogganing in various places. Toronto itself issued a bylaw in 2011 restricting people from tobogganing on specific hills all over the city, and you can only find out if your favourite hill is one of them by going to it and seeing if there's a sign in place.

The most popular hill this ban has affected is the super steep one at Etobicoke's Centennial Park. Despite the hill being a no-no zone for tobogganers since 2011, it's so popular that people have just been using it anyway. To the point that the city has recently started issuing a round-the-clock security detail to keep people from using it.

Hamilton has had a ban on all sledding in municipal parks since 2001. Des Moines, Iowa, Lincoln, Neb. and Montville, N.J. have all outlawed tobogganing in certain areas. These bans are spreading more and more. Soon tobogganing will be outlawed everywhere. This is just not okay.

Source - Huffington Post

Source - CTV News

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