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"Toronto Too Cold" Song Perfectly Encapsulates Life In Toronto This Week

I think we can all agree with this song.

Photo cred - Chung Ho Leung

The weather this week has been brutal. And while the end is finally in sight, we've still got a few more days of blistering cold ahead of us. Many of us have been dealing with the extreme temperatures by just refusing to go outside unless we absolutely have to. But the best way we as Canadians deal with the cold is by complaining about it.

And so, here is "Toronto Too Cold," a song all about how horribly frigid this city is at this time of year. Written from the perspective of a Caribbean man begging to go back home for the winter to escape the weather, the song is something any Torontonians can relate to, no matter their background. Who doesn't wish they were in the Bahamas right now?


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