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7 Toronto Townhouses For Sale That Are Way Cheaper Than Average

By Toronto standards, these townhouses are actually affordable.

Looking for an affordable place to live in the 6ix is no easy task. In fact, in 2019, rent and housing increases made the city of Toronto the most expensive places to live in Canada. Despite its grim real estate reality, there are still a few cheap Toronto townhouses for sale that don't require you to win a lottery to afford.

A recent study by Zolo states that the average price of a townhouse in Toronto is currently $912,000.

However, the average cost of a detached home in Toronto is a whopping 1.4 million. So, it's still a much cheaper option for homeowners.

Toronto's housing prices reached new heights back in November for the first time in nearly two years despite the city's lack of vacancy.

The average price of a home in the 6ix rose by a shocking 5.8%. You'd think these rising prices would deter buyers, but Toronto sales rose to 14% during the same two years.

Thankfully, there are several beautiful townhouses on Toronto's real estate market currently selling for far below the estimated average, and luckily for you, we've made a list of the best ones.

So start packing your bags, because it may time to move! 

2-Bedroom Yorkdale Townhouse 

Price: $489,000

Address: 8-68 Winston Park Blvd., Toronto, ON

Description: A sleek townhouse that lets you live comfortably both financially and domestically.

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Open-Concept Town House

Price: $539,900

Address: 13 San Vito Way, Toronto, ON

Description: A super modern home with a warm open-concept aesthetic.

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Two-Storey Townhouse 

Price: $498,900

Address: 242-364 The East Mall St., Toronto, ON

Description: A surprisingly affordable two-storey Toronto townhouse that is described as "beautifully renovated and spacious."

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Morningside Home

Price: $469,900

Address: 52-21 Livonia Pl., Toronto, ON

Description: Spacious home for an unbeatable below market price.

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Spacious Townhouse 

Price: $620,000

Address: 8-173 William Duncan Rd., Toronto, ON

Description: This modern home will have you feeling like you actually live in a detached home.

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Cozy Three-Bedroom Home

Price: $498,800

Address: 35- 401 Sewells Rd., Toronto, ON

Description: This three-bedroom home is the perfect place to settle down in the city. Located next to public transit, shopping and school locations, it's the perfect place to call home.

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Airy Three-Bedroom Townhome 

Price: $505,000

Address: 301-52 Sidney Belsey Cres., Toronto, ON

Description: This three-bedroom townhouse is the perfect place to settle down in with a lower budget. With multiple rooms to grow into, you'll never have to leave.

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