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A Massive Lineup Of Dump Trucks Is Halting Highway Traffic In Toronto Right Now (VIDEOS)

Traffic is being disrupted on the Gardiner Expressway right now.
A Massive Lineup Of Dump Trucks Is Halting Highway Traffic In Toronto Right Now (VIDEOS)

A convoy of trucks is creeping along the Gardiner Expressway right now in a reported protest against rising insurance rates. According to a breaking report from Newstalk 1010, a long line of empty dump trucks with their hazard lights flashing are slowly making their way along the Gardiner in protest. The Toronto truck protest is garnering all kinds of attention in the city today.The trucks have also reportedly been "honking non-stop" while managing to slow down the middle lane of traffic to a near dead-stop. It is unknown at this time how many trucks are involved in the protest; however, from the current footage, it looks to be at least a dozen.

A Reddit thread entitled: "Insurance kills truckers - the reason for this crazy protest on the Toronto highways," appears to hint at the possible motive behind the calculated traffic disruption. Redditors commenting on thread seemed to be less than impressed at the truckers alleged stand against insurance rates:

"I wish groups would stop protesting on the 401. It's already a nightmare to drive, and you're inconveniencing thousands of not just commuters, but families and tourists who are just trying to use the only E-W artery to get across the GTA," wrote one user.

Another user commented on the truckers' "annoying" honking. "I live next to the Gardiner, and their honking is irritating as f-ck right now. They're blocking 3 lanes right now."

But, at least one person expressed their support of the protest on social media:

This isn't the only time that a convoy of trucks has assembled in protest in Ontario this year. According to a report by CBC, a large convoy of Albertans made their way to Ottawa back in February in a wide-scale protest against federal energy and environmental policies.

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