A Toronto Couple Was Fined $76 After One Of Them Coughed In An Uber

They say the driver made them feel uneasy.
Toronto Uber Driver Allegedly Charged A Couple A Fee After They Coughed In Her Car

It looks like some people in southern Ontario are taking their own precautions against COVID-19 fears. One local couple say they found a Toronto Uber driver's approach shockingly aggressive. A short trip and some coughing ended up costing the couple $76 extra for "cleaning fees."

In an interview with CityNews, Catherine Tucci said she and her husband called an Uber to take them home from work.

As soon as they entered the vehicle, Tucci said she felt uneasy and noticed it was full of infographics and handwritten notes about health protocols.

The car was equipped with hand sanitizer and surgical masks that the driver encouraged riders to use if sick.

“DO NOT cough or sneeze inside the car without grabbing a mask first!!” read one of the notes beside the masks.

According to the couple, the driver had also made a DIY partition that separated her from passengers.

Tucci said neither she or her husband was sick and thinks the air freshener in the car might have actually been the reason her husband simply coughed.

This is where the driver apparently verbally berated Tucci's husband and apparently starting yelling.

“She started screaming. She was saying stuff like ‘you didn’t cough right,’ something about a mask," Tucci added.

“It was the most ridiculous thing. Then she opened all the windows … it was freezing cold. I was really afraid. I wanted to get out of the car…”

The Tuccis ultimately found they had been charged with a cleaning fee of $76 for an apparent mess made in the car. Her efforts via text to resolve the situation with Uber apparently yielded just $5 in compensation.

“Neither one of us is sick, we are both at work today, there’s absolutely no way that we made any type of mess at all," said Tucci.

An Uber representative explained to Narcity that the fee was issued due to the driver "reporting and submitting photos of a mess in the vehicle."

"Our support team worked with the rider and did resolve this issue by refunding the fee," said an Uber representative to Narcity.

"Based on information provided by both the rider and the driver concerning this report and photos submitted, it is not accurate to say a cleaning fee was issued due to someone coughing in the vehicle."

Tucci entirely refutes that the couple made a mess in the car.

Per CNN, ride-share services have warned drivers about the potential of the spread of COVID-19, urging them to disinfect vehicles regularly.

But this isn't the first time an Uber driver has taken their own approach at avoiding contracting the virus.

According to NBC News, some Uber drivers in the U.S. have used rubber gloves, worn masks, or even declined rides from airports.

The latest update on coronavirus in Ontario shows that it has now been brought back from China, Italy, and Las Vegas.

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