Toronto Was Actually Ranked The Best City In Canada To Find Love

Toronto named best Canadian city to find love in new ranking from Movinga.
Toronto Was Actually Ranked The Best City In Canada To Find Love

Toronto has made it to the top of another ranking lately, and this might be the cutest one of all.Toronto was actually ranked the best city in all of Canada to find love. How romantic, right? Movinga recently released their "Cities of Opportunities: Best Cities to Find Love" rankings, which revealed which places around the world were the best for finding love. 

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Of all the cities in Canada, Toronto came out on the very top. The second best Canadian city to find love in was Montreal and the third was Vancouver. No other Canadian cities cracked the top 100 list of cities around the world from Movinga that were the best for finding love. 

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According to Movinga, InterNations, which is a network and guide for expats in 420 cities worldwide, revealed that 25% of expats actually move because of love or family, not because of a career.

"While it’s true that you can find love anywhere, in this day and age of data and information, there are some locations where you are statistically more or less likely to find love," said Finn Age Hänsel, Managing Director at Movinga, in the report.

"At Movinga, we’ve studied this carefully as we do believethat location has an impact on your love life depending on who you are or where you’re moving to". 

Movinga also hopes that this new list can help single people find some love. If you're already in Toronto though, it looks like you're in the best spot in Canada to find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

"We hope that this study can help those people searching for a life partner to consider the love infrastructure of the city they’re moving to, and that it might even help to bring more people together in love," reads the report

If you've already found love in Toronto, there are plenty of cute, romantic places to take couple photos in the city. For starters, the Distillery District has endless photo ops that are guaranteed to be Instaworthy.

Check out some photos of it below!

To determine the best cities to find love around the world, Movinga looked at factors such as what the dating experience is like in the city, how easy it is to find a date, how open-minded a city is, how hard it is to find a new partner in the city, and how romantic the city is. This means that within Canada, Toronto is winning overall in all of these categories. 

Toronto had a high score of 9.5/10 for how easy it is to online date in the city. Based on the results, there is a high percentage of single people, 82.18%, that are aged 15 to 29 in the city. The study also revealed that the majority of Toronto men want "temperament" in a relationship, while Toronto women want "honesty" in their relationships. The poll also revealed that the average cost of a date in Toronto is $95.01 USD, which is roughly $125 CAD. 

The best city in the whole world to find love on the rankings was Miami in the U.S. London, England came second and Gothenburg, Sweden ranked third. The unofficial "city of love", Paris, didn't come in first but fourth, followed by New York City. 

To see the full "Cities of Opportunities: Best Cities to Find Love" rankings, you can visit Movinga's website