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Toronto Just Got A Brand New Bring-Your-Own-Container Grocery Store

Any container with a lid can be filled!
Toronto Waste-Free Store Bare Market Lets You Load Up Reusable Containers With Treats

Imagine a place where you can get everything you need and without a single shred of waste. A new one-stop-shop has opened up in Toronto and it's completely packaging-free. If you're looking to embrace a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, this waste-free Toronto store will have you bringing in all your reusable containers to fill up on what you need. 

Green brand bare market, located right in Toronto's east end at 1480 Danforth Ave., sells everything from cleaning products and home supplies to food and makeup.

And all you need is a resealable and reusable container to shop.

This all-in-one location has a great selection of food like dry goods, frozen foods, produce, cheese, refrigerated items, and so much more.

If this concept is something that's new to you, it's pretty simple. If you have any container with a lid — whether that's a water bottle, a mason jar, a recycled container, or whatever — bring it with you to the store and have it weighed.

“You basically weigh the container before you put anything in it and it gets that base weight, and then you can fill it and then when you bring it up they remove the weight of the container so you’re only paying for the product and not the container,” says a representative for bare market to Narcity.

There's also what they call a bare lending program. That's where you can use a small container that is supplied to you for a small deposit. Once you're done with it, you can get it fully refunded back, which sounds pretty neat.

It's far from just grub on offer in the store, though.

When it comes to beauty products, you can refill your finished shampoo bottles, liquid soaps, and even makeup products. 

If you're a numbers person, the potential price savings range from 5% to 65% but typically lie around 20% to 45% on average. That's based on the brands available in-store and their bare market cost vs. prepackaged pricing.

“Things like shampoo, or dish soap, things like that are kind of lower price,” says the rep.

Toronto Waste-Free Store Bare Market Lets You Load Up Reusable Containers With Treats

"With many dry goods, you should notice savings by buying them with your own packaging, as opposed to in-packaging."*

Similar to the mandate of the new Nu Grocery in Ottawa, this is the first one-stop-shop for package-free bulk buying in Toronto's east end. 

Narcity even took a first-hand look at how the general waste-free approach works at that store in the capital.

Bare market calls itself a judgment-free zone. The store understands each person is at different stages for reducing waste.

So, if you do bring in ziplock bags or clean yogurt containers, they can be used as long as they're in good condition.

The store is in soft launch mode at present before it opens full-time and permanently on February 1, 2020.

It's never a bad time to start a more conscious lifestyle. Make that resolution a reality!

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*This article has been updated.

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