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The Weather Network Says The Heavens Will Deliver The Raptors' Victory

Even Mother Nature is on the Raptors' side.
The Weather Network Says The Heavens Will Deliver The Raptors' Victory

The Toronto Raptors bandwagon is getting pretty full these days - even Mother Nature seems to be jumping on board. According to Weather Network meteorologists, the Toronto weather forecast during the NBA Finals is going to bring the Raptors a “tactical advantage”. Meteorologists have found a pattern which suggests that the Raptors have a weird habit of winning games on rainy days with double-digit highs, which is exactly the kind of weather the 6ix is looking at this week.

As Toronto prepares for the Raptors' Game 1 face off against the Golden State Warriors, the city will reach a daytime high of 23°C, a nightly low of 10°C and a 30 percent chance of rain. It’s a forecast that has reportedly proved to be lucky for the team in the past, and according to The Weather Network, it’s going to give the Raptors a “meteorological edge” for tonight's game.

"The Raptors have been good at home games where it rains, so if we can get any precipitation, that gives us a 75% chance of winning these playoffs," explained Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.

Here's what Toronto's 7-day forecast is looking like right now:

Canada’s weather network isn’t just using the weather to promote good Raptors vibes. They are also using it to try to get Kawhi Leonard to stick around. It’s no secret at this point that Toronto has been pulling out all the stops to get Leonard to stay in the 6ix.  We’ve offered him condos, we’ve offered him free food and now we're even promising him good weather.

Weather Network host Chris Mei said on Thursday, "Kawhi, I'll promise you good've got to stay." Let’s hope that, this time, the idea is so crazy that it works.

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