Well, it looks like Christmas is coming earlier this year, or at least the snow that comes with it. In fact, the Toronto weather forecast suggests it actually could snow so early that your Halloween might be a winter festival this year. So, if you're still looking for any last-minute costumes, maybe look into something that'll keep you nice and warm if you're outside.

According to The Weather Network, a fall storm is set to hit the Great Lakes region on Monday, October 21 with a chance of widespread rain and strong winds. Temperatures are expected to fall during the day on October 22.

"The final week of October and into early November will bring an extended period of colder than normal weather to the Great Lakes region, including southern Ontario," says TWN meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham in a report. Due to this, there is apparently potential for lake-effect snow across these areas right before Halloween.

But we aren't talking about just light snow, oh no. Dr. Gillham mentions there may be significant lake-effect snow in the traditional snow belt regions of the Great Lakes. Bundle up if you can!

But as mentioned time and time again, Canadian weather is unpredictable. It is warm one weekend and freezing the next. People are already dreading the potential outcome.

"Chilling and depressing. Be gone evil substance!" reads one tweet.

"Noooo! I’m not ready yet! My kids aren’t ready yet! Halloween stay greeeeeen!" says another fearful response.

"As residents of this region well know, the first lake-effect snow of the year often comes during late October, and the upcoming pattern looks rather favourable for bringing a white Halloween to parts of the region," adds Dr. Gillham in the report.

It's apparently supposed to be really cold this winter, and it seems like that timeline has moved forward to the next couple of weeks.

Fingers crossed the snow doesn't ruin Halloween this year!

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