If you've left the house lately, you may have noticed it's been an unusually chilly April in Toronto. In fact, temperatures have been so cold that it hasn't risen above 20 C in over 200 days, according to Toronto-Pearson's weather data. If you're hoping for that spring heat, Toronto's weather forecast won't be hitting over 20 C for at least the next two weeks. 

According to Toronto weather records, this Thursday was the city's 200th consecutive day of not reaching over 20 C. So if you feel like you haven't been able to sunbathe for ages, it's not in your head. 

In fact, it's been so cold this month that yesterday was also the second coldest April 23 since 1957 and Toronto is on track to having one of the coldest Aprils in history. 

However, if you're planning on the weather to finally warm up in the next few weeks, I wouldn't have your hopes up.

The Weather Network predicted that there would be a few extra cold weeks before we really dive into the warmth of spring. 

Toronto's 14-day forecast warns that residents can expect to see temperatures only rise as high as 13 C. 

TWN also warns that the province will be hit with unseasonable cold temperatures until around May 10. So you might not want to get rid of your coats just yet. 

While the next few weeks will still bring some double-digit temperature, rain and gloomy weather is also expected. 

The GTA can expect 5-15 millimetres of rainfall on Sunday, with the wet weather also hitting on Wednesday and Thursday of next week. 

However, there is still hope for those last few weeks of spring. Both TWN and the Farmer's Almanac have predicted that once this cold weather passes it should stay consistently warm near the end of May and into those summer months.