Toronto's Going To Be Hit By A Weekend Of Thunderstorms & High Winds

Another perfect stay-at-home weekend.
Toronto Weather Is Bringing Storms, Heavy Rain, And Gusts For March's Last Weekend

Spring has sprung, allegedly. But, although this week's Toronto weather has given us bright and sunny skies, that's about to change over the next couple of days. Heavy rainfall, strong wind gusts, and potential thunderstorms are set to rock the city and the surrounding areas this weekend.

According to The Weather Network, those glorious spring-like days are over. For now, at least.

Toronto and the GTA are expected to get rained on by early afternoon on Saturday and throughout the day.

In fact, that rainfall will last right into Sunday morning. With that overnight fall will come the risk of thunderstorms that could last until early afternoon across southern Ontario.

According to Environment Canada, the rain around the GTA could possibly amount to up to 30 millimetres and is likely to come with thunderstorms and maybe even some hail falling.

That storm system will then start moving vaguely northwards on Sunday, bringing more rain and gusts to the GTA and some snow a little further north.

TWN reports that while the threat is non-severe, it will affect all of southern Ontario.

And, with storms across the region, the southern part of the province could see strong wind gusts of up to 60-80 km/h on Sunday.

Sounds delightful. Time to put all those subscription services to even better use.

This might not affect many of us in and around Toronto who already remain indoors, but it certainly gives us more reason to stay in and get cozy.

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Although Sunday is at least supposed to get a brief shot of warmth, with temperatures possibly even reaching the high teens during the thunderstorm period.

As for next week, though, temperatures are expected to drop again thanks to the rainfall that should continue throughout the week.

"Next system to watch will track south of the region later Wednesday and into Thursday – models have trended further south with minimal impacts, but still worth watching," says TWN meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

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And even as we head into April next week, it sounds like we shouldn't expect too much warmth.

As the city of Toronto and the high majority of Ontarians are urged to stay indoors, and stronger measures have been hinted at, this is more of a reason to just stay at home.