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Toronto Is Going To Get Hit With Another Brutal Snowfall This Weekend

The GTA is getting another 5 cm of snow this weekend!
Toronto Weather Is Going To Be Another Snowy Nightmare This Weekend

If you were looking to put that snow shovel away, you might want to wait. Toronto's weather will bring you some Déjà vu this weekend as another snowstorm is expected to hit the 6ix. So grab your boots, because the city is preparing to see another 5 centimetres of snow on Saturday. 

According to the Weather Network, southern Ontario is in for another heaping portion of the white stuff this Saturday.

A messy winter system is heading our way, and one of the only things we have to be thankful for is that it's not going to be as consistently freezing as last week. 

According to Toronto's weather forecast, Wednesday is going to be mainly sunny, with daytime temperatures floating above the freezing mark. A milder pattern that is supposed to hold steady until this weekend, when snow and scattered flurries are predicted to hit the GTA.

However, while Toronto won't be getting anywhere close to the 15 centimetres that it got last Saturday, we can still expect to see those snow-covered roads with a total accumulation of five centimetres expected.

"The relatively mild weather comes with a healthy helping of mid-winter sunshine, thanks to high pressure stationed over the Great Lakes. Expect the fair, unusually quiet pattern to persist through the latter half of the week, ahead of the next potential snowmaker for the weekend," explained the Weather Network 

"Given our pattern so far this winter, it probably comes as no surprise that our next potential system will be during the weekend," meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham added.

If you're wondering how a mostly warm and sunny week could turn into such a mess so quickly, according to The Weather Network, it's due to a "lack of true Arctic-sourced air."

"Normally, when Arctic air is present, we are dominated by high pressure and a lack of active weather, while this season we have seen the storm track bring snow and rain through the Great Lakes instead," noted meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal.

Thankfully, Toronto will still have much of this week to recover from last weekend's storm.

Despite the fact much of last weekend's snowfall occurred on Saturday morning, city workers were still working to clear the mess it left behind on Monday.

311 Toronto became flooded with complaints about uncleared roads and sidewalks on Twitter as a result.

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