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Toronto Had Its First Below-Zero May Temperature In 15 Years On Tuesday

That day of spring was awesome, though!
Toronto Weather On Tuesday Brought The First Below-Zero May Temperature In 15 Years

So much for that warm welcome to May. If you weren't able to step outside in the 6ix on Tuesday morning, just know that it was pretty chilly for the time of year. In fact, the Toronto weather in the early morning of May 5 brought what was reportedly the city's first recorded below-zero temperature in May in 15 years.

So, if you didn't make it out of bed at the crack of dawn today, this might make you feel better.

At around 6 a.m., this morning temperatures dropped to about 0.4 Celcius at Toronto Pearson Airport, feeling like negative five with the wind chill, according to Global News meteorologist Anthony Farnell.

This left him and other meteorologists shocked since it hasn't been this cold in a decade and a half.

"It has been 15 years and a day since the temperature dipped below freezing in May in Toronto. We hit -0.4C at 6 am this morning and there may be 4 more negative days in the next week," tweeted Farnell this morning.

Per Farnell and 680 News meteorologist Jill Taylor, the last time it was below zero was May 3, 2005.

So much for that spring fling, then.

It's a huge drop from this past weekend's beautiful Sunday weather that brought the warmth back into the 6ix, at least for a day.

According to the Government of Canada site, in the past five years, minimum temperatures for May 5 have stayed relatively close to the 6C mark.

So Tuesday really was exceptionally cold.

As for the rest of the day, the city remained at around nine degrees, for the most part, feeling like seven. It will gradually decline again into Wednesday morning before rising back by mid-afternoon, according to The Weather Network.

But that weather won't last for long as a cold spell is expected to last throughout the rest of the week.

Ontario is expected to even be hit with record-breaking cold temperatures and snowy conditions due to a polar vortex threatening to hit the province all the way from Nunavut.

Weekend temperatures are also expected to reach record numbers for cold weather according to Taylor.

While it may be too soon to predict how temperatures will truly feel come Victoria Day weekend, Premier Doug Ford says that people will be able to head outside to enjoy the weekend.

Whether or not any restrictions would be lifted is yet unknown but at least with the next few days of cold weather, some might be encouraged to stay indoors.

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