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Snow Flurries Will Hit Toronto Tomorrow Ahead Of -5C Cold This Weekend

From early summer back to winter in the space of a week.

Remember that 20C Sunday we just had? Nope, us neither. With freezing cold Toronto weather and snow in the forecast for this weekend, it feels like winter never left. Snow flurries are expected to make land in the 6ix along with negative temperatures on May 9. If you need any excuse to stay indoors, this is it.

According to The Weather Network, Toronto is about to feel a big drop in temperature to take us right into the weekend.

Friday, May 8 is expected to be around two degrees, feeling like negative three.

Into the evening hours, though, temperatures will drop significantly to negative two, feeling like negative seven. 

This is where the flurries begin, too. You could be waking up around the GTA on Saturday, May 9 to about a centimetre more snow and temperatures about zero, feeling like negative five. 

Certainly, don't expect temperatures to reach anything over 10 degrees for the next few days, as backed up by Environment Canada.

Will the snow last, though? Don't count on it.

The Weather Network suggests that although most of southern Ontario is likely to see snow, it won't pile up.

Before the weekend ends, Toronto is expected to reach a high of nine degrees. For the second weekend in May, though, that's pretty trash.

Where's the sun?

There's a valid explanation for all of this. A polar vortex making its way into the province is causing us to endure a much colder month of May for the most part.

In fact, this brisk weather will also be leaving cities like Toronto much colder than the Yukon.

TWN states that the number of days where we're feeling below-freezing temperatures at the moment is really unusual for this time of year.

The polar vortex itself is expected to break records with cold temperatures and snow for May this week.

Toronto has already recorded its first below-zero temperature in May in 15 years, and TWN expects several more record-breaking cold temperatures still to come this month.

So, as Toronto Mayor John Tory and city officials change their advice from "stay at home" to "keep your distance," it seems likely that the only distance you might want to keep this weekend is between you and the outdoors.