It has been said so many times before that Canadian weather is unpredictable, and Mother Nature really does know how to mess with us. Well, judging by the upcoming Toronto weekend weather, it's about to happen again, just as you thought we were on the inevitable slide into winter. This weekend, it could feel as high as nearly 20 degrees in Toronto, so if you want to make outdoor plans, now's the time!

If the recent fall weather, complete with storms and more storms, has you feeling a little gloomy, this warm weather weekend is sure to brighten your spirits. Ontario has already been hit with a crazy thunderstorm this week, so having one last warm sunny weekend in Toronto is just what we need.

According to The Weather Network, Toronto will enjoy some sun and warmth this weekend. It will even feel like a balmy  19 degrees in some areas on Sunday, and temperatures will remain above the double digits until next week.

TWN meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham says "temperatures will recover to the mid-teens on Saturday afternoon, staying in the upper teens with sunshine on Sunday."

TWN says that some areas in southern Ontario might even reach 20 degrees. But you probably shouldn't expect it to last.

"After a few days of warmer weather, the final week of October, and into early November, will bring an extended period of colder than normal temperatures to the Great Lakes region," says Gillham.

"This pattern would bring the potential for significant lake effect snow in the snow belt areas before Halloween."

That'll be the start of the terrible winter weather we've been forecast, then.

For now, though, a little bit of sun will be welcomed by all in the GTA after the recent rain. Dust off those sunglasses and don't pull out all your winter gear just yet!

Looking for something to do in the unexpected warm weather? We've got you covered with nine things to do in Toronto this weekend.

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