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Toronto Will Be Hit With Rain And Snow On New Year's Eve And It's Going To Be Messy

Heavy rain and snow are expected to hit Toronto and the GTA early Monday evening and continue throughout the night.
Toronto Will Be Hit With Rain And Snow On New Year's Eve And It's Going To Be Messy

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, many of us probably already have plans that involve outdoor activities, such as fireworks or concerts. Unfortunately, you may want to rethink your holiday plans to ring in the new year as The Weather Network has predicted that the Toronto area is going to be hit with both rain and snow for the majority of the night and it’s going to be messy.

A major storm is heading from the U.S. and sweeping into Ontario just in time to celebrate 2019. There is expected to be a mixture of rain, snow, and freezing temperatures for the majority of the night.

The downtown core is expected to be hit with mostly rain, starting the evening of New Year’s Eve and continuing late into the night. Central downtown can expect a wet and gloomy scene for their New Year parties, and you may want to rethink your outfit choice and ensure it includes an umbrella. The Weather Network is advising locals to sport rainboots and winter jackets.

If you are further north in the GTA area, such as Newmarket and Orangeville, you can expect to see up to 10 cm of snow throughout the evening. The snow is expected to be messy and uncertain and many are advised to take caution while traveling this New Year’s Eve.

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The Weather Network is also predicting that there may be a brief period of freezing rain later in the evening on Monday near the 401 and St. Lawrence Valley.

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With rain, freezing rain and snow all predicted for the evening, the commutes that people are taking to their celebrations may become slippery than normal, especially in the later hours of the evening.

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The 401 corridor and eastern Ontario are expected to get a little bit more snow and can see up to 15 cm of snow throughout the night.

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However, this won’t be the start of the winter we have all been waiting for, as the temperature rises and falls are supposed to continue in the early weeks of January.

Source: The Weather Network