Spring may be officially starting in a couple of weeks, but the wild winter weather in Toronto is not done yet. This weekend, Toronto will be hit with strong wind gusts up to 94 km/hr. We are so not ready for another windstorm mess, but unfortunately, we can't have nice things, that's what we will be getting this weekend. 

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This Sunday, get ready for crazy winds to hit the city. Accuweather forecasts some wild, windy weather for the upcoming weekend. Wind gusts of 94 km/hr are expected in Toronto on Sunday, March 10. "Cloudy, winds gusting past 80 kph; a little morning rain, then a passing shower," reads the forecast.  

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During the day on Sunday, wind gusts are forecasted to be 94 km/hr. At night, the wind will calm down a bit but is still going to be fierce, hitting the city with 57 km/hr gusts. In other words, get ready for the city to become a mess and you may experience power outages in several regions of the GTA. 

When winds get this intense in the city, they can be seriously damaging. The wind gusts could lead to property and road damage, as well as power outages. Just a week ago, Toronto Pearson had to cancel over 200 flights due to strong winds. So be extra careful out there on Sunday! 

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On the bright side, the temperatures are expected to be not too cold by Toronto standards – Sunday will see 5°C weather, but it's forecasted to feel almost 10°C colder with a real feel of -4°C. 

Luckily, the windstorm is forecasted for Sunday only. However, the weather is going to be all over the place this weekend. Tonight, Toronto will see -7°C weather and there will be clear skies and no strong winds or snow in sight. 

For tomorrow, it'll be mostly sunny but the weather will completely change later in the night. There will even be some snowfall. Accuweather forecasts that the weather will be, "cloudy, breezy; periods of snow, accumulating 1-3 cm, changing to rain late". 

Here's hoping your power doesn't go out this weekend or your building doesn't get damaged, Torontonians! Stay safe out there this weekend.