If you thought this past weekend was bad, Toronto, the worst is yet to come. The City of Toronto issued a cold weather alert on January 10th,  warning the public to seek shelter and stay warm as temperatures dipped to -15°C, feeling closer to -24°C.  Toronto will likely see another cold weather warning as we approach the weekend - the current forecast for the end of this week predicts -26°C  weather with the windchill factor.

Over the next five days, the city will get some relief from the extreme cold. Tomorrow, January  15th will reach a high of 2°C, and the current forecast shows the work week won't feel any colder than -8°C. But, temperatures will take a steep dive on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th.

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In Toronto, Saturday's high is a bone-chilling -10°C, feeling closer to -17°C. Sunday will be even colder, at -15°C and feeling like -26°C. Meteorologists at The Weather Network say that they are keeping a close eye on a potential snow storm tracking towards southern Ontario, which will hit the city by the end of this week.

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Take a look at The Weather Network's current 7-day forecast for the Toronto area:


"There is high impact potential with this system that we have not seen since November," says meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. The Weather Network indicates an 80% and 70% chance of snowfall on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. 

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Cities outside of the GTA, like Newmarket, Aurora and King City, will see temperatures closer to -28°C with windchill values this weekend. Ottawa is in for another cold weekend as well, feeling like -22°C and -24°C. Ottawa will also see up to 3 cm of snow both next Saturday and Sunday.

To see the current weekend weather predictions in your Ontario city, click here.