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Toronto Will See Unbearably Cold Temperatures And A Possible Snow Storm Next Weekend

The City of Toronto issued a cold weather alert on January 10th, and will likely see another this upcoming weekend.

If you thought this past weekend was bad, Toronto, the worst is yet to come. The City of Toronto issued a cold weather alert on January 10th,  warning the public to seek shelter and stay warm as temperatures dipped to -15°C, feeling closer to -24°C.  Toronto will likely see another cold weather warning as we approach the weekend - the current forecast for the end of this week predicts -26°C  weather with the windchill factor.

Over the next five days, the city will get some relief from the extreme cold. Tomorrow, January  15th will reach a high of 2°C, and the current forecast shows the work week won't feel any colder than -8°C. But, temperatures will take a steep dive on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th.

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In Toronto, Saturday's high is a bone-chilling -10°C, feeling closer to -17°C. Sunday will be even colder, at -15°C and feeling like -26°C. Meteorologists at The Weather Network say that they are keeping a close eye on a potential snow storm tracking towards southern Ontario, which will hit the city by the end of this week.

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Take a look at The Weather Network's current 7-day forecast for the Toronto area:


"There is high impact potential with this system that we have not seen since November," says meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. The Weather Network indicates an 80% and 70% chance of snowfall on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. 

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Cities outside of the GTA, like Newmarket, Aurora and King City, will see temperatures closer to -28°C with windchill values this weekend. Ottawa is in for another cold weekend as well, feeling like -22°C and -24°C. Ottawa will also see up to 3 cm of snow both next Saturday and Sunday.

To see the current weekend weather predictions in your Ontario city, click here.