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People Are Genuinely Confused By Toronto’s New Rugby Team Mascot

Torontonians are less than thrilled with the Wolfpack's new mascot, Gordo.
People Are Genuinely Confused By Toronto’s New Rugby Team Mascot

The Toronto Wolfpack are introducing their new mascot, Gordo, to the public, but not all fans are too keen on the appearance of the new face of Toronto's professional rugby team.  Gordo replaces Jefferson, the old Toronto Wolfpack mascot. Jefferson mysteriously disappeared from Lamport Stadium in Toronto's Liberty Village in early March.

On March 6th, a photo of Jefferson on Facebook prompted quite a stir when the Toronto Wolfpack announced that the team was missing their mascot. At the time, Wolfpack fans couldn't tell whether the post indicated that the mascot was seriously missing, and most assumed it was part of an elaborate marketing campaign.

The photo of its mascot was accompanied by the headline "MISSING MASCOT", and featured team's mascot holding a football, with the words "Last seen at Lamport Stadium.  Reward Offered" below.  The photo indicates that the mascot's name is "Jefferson", and that he is nine months old.

It seems that Jefferson never made a reappearance, so Gordo is stepping in to take his place.  But based on the feedback from Toronto residents on Twitter, not everyone is embracing the change in mascot so well:

One man pleaded to bring Jefferson back, as Gordo would surely frighten his children:

Many were simply disappointed with how plain and inelaborate Gordo's design was, accusing the Wolfpack of downgrading their mascot:

One Twitter user developed an entire backstory for Gordo.  Spoiler alert: he's Jefferson's long-lost, homeless, jobless relative.

What do we want?!  Jefferson!  When do we want him?!  Now!

The people of Toronto just want their cute and lovable mascot back.


Will Gordo make his debut at the Wolfpack game against the Swinton Lions at 2 p.m. on Sunday?  Only time will tell!

Narcity reached out to the Toronto Wolfpack for comment, to which the team's entertainment director, Elliot Devine, confirmed that Jefferson was stolen around the same time some AV equipment went missing in October.  "I have personally reached out to the furry community because I believe that's the only place he could turn up at this point.  I have been in contact with the Furnal Equinox and Vancoufur organizations, and asked them to keep an eye out."

When asked who developed the design for Gordo, Devine told me that the Wolfpack posted ads on Craiglist and Kijiji, and a young team was chosen from a few applications.  "We think they did a great job, but are a bit shook by the negative reactions online."

Devine also said, "I added the saxophone because I thought it would be a cool touch - I think I may have misjudged that idea."

The Wolfpack isn't too worried about the public's initial reaction to Gordo, however.  "People will warm up to him; he's a big lovable wolf from small town Ontario!"

He also confirmed that Gordo will be appearing at the home opener on Sunday, and said "We appreciate everyone who is sticking up for Gordo, and promise he will deliver on Sunday!  Our entertainment has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, and our third season will be our finest.  Games will be an event not to be missed!" 

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