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Toronto Woman Filmed Yelling Racial Slurs And Spitting At People Is Now Facing Charges

Talya Davidson is facing multiple charges after an incident yesterday where she was recorded terrorizing the public outside City Hall. She is probably better known as the woman spitting at people in Toronto while holding a "Vote Andrew Scheer" sign and yelling racial profanities. Reports confirm that the Toronto woman arrested is now facing assault charges as well as three additional counts of assaulting a police officer. 

The video shows her standing by the Toronto sign ranting before beelining up to a man and spitting at him in a manic huff. 

He can be heard saying, "I can't believe you're real" in disbelief right before she spat at him.

CP24 reported that she had also extended her aggressive behaviour to the officers who arrested her, which landed her with the extra charges. She is scheduled to appear in court today. Andrew Scheer, the leader of Canada's Conservatives, and whose name was on the poster the lady was holding, has since tweeted about the bizarre incident.

Some people are already coming up with conspiracy theories about the incident.

Others have different views.

Talya Davidson's Facebook page has no friends to show, and it seems as though her first post was on Aug. 11. It is unclear if this is her real Facebook page. The police say that this investigation is ongoing, so we will let them do the investigating. 

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