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Toronto Woman Jumps On The Hood Of A Car That Nearly Hit Her And Her Baby (VIDEO)

Surveillance camera footage shows a driver nearly hitting a woman with a stroller in midtown Toronto.

A Toronto woman and her baby had a close call with a careless driver in a midtown neighbourhood this week. A video of the incident was captured by a resident’s surveillance camera under the title “Another quiet morning in midtown Toronto.” In the video, a woman pushes her baby's stroller through an intersection in a residential Toronto neighbourhood when an approaching vehicle seems to bypass a stop sign, nearly hitting the pair. The woman than aggressively confronts the driver, shouting “No! F—ck you! Get the f--k out of your car," at the motorist while blocking their car.

The woman appears to pull out her cellphone as the car attempt to drive off. The most shocking moment of the video comes when the women shouts, "Are you f--king kidding me right now?" Before briefly hops onto the hood of the vehicle as it attempts to flee the scene.

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The shocking video comes just one week after Mayor John Tory announced the next phase of the city’s pedestrian safety plan, CBC reports. The new project will reportedly lower speed limits citywide in the hopes of making crossings safer. Last year, 41 pedestrians were killed on city roads.

The plan comes in response to the growing number of traffic-linked deaths. According to Toronto Police data, pedestrians have been the margin most impacted by the rise in deaths with over 330 killed since 2008, which represents over half of the overall number of fatalities. 

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Due to the high level of traffic in the city, most Torontonians have probably had one or two close calls with drivers during a crossing. Regardless of whose fault it may have been, it is important to exercise extra caution when strolling through the city’s busy streets.