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The Toronto Zoo Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary This Summer

The zoo is offering 45% off admission on August 15

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Whether you're five or 55, going to the Toronto Zoo has always (and will always) be a highlight of the summer. Our families took us as kids, we went with friends as teenagers, and now as adults, we still make time to visit!

Hands down, visiting the Toronto Zoo is one of the absolute best things to do in the GTA. And for one day only, on its birthday, you'll be able to go for 45% off! The discount comes in celebration of the Toronto Zoo's 45th anniversary and will be offered to anyone who buys tickets for August 15.

Toronto Zoo, retro, 01498-ZOO

Check out the seven zoogeographic regions, including Indo-Malaya, Africa, the Americas, Australasia, Eurasia, Canadian Domain, and the Tundra Trek, for $15.95 instead of the usual $29 general admission price. The Tundra Trek with its polar bear exhibit, the Gorilla Rainforest, and the Great Barrier Reef are amongst the most popular.

In addition to the animals, the zoo also has plenty of other activities, like the TundraAir Ride, Wild Rouge Zipline & Canopy Tour, Gorilla Climbs Ropes Course, Zoomobile ride, its new Wild Encounters experience, and several eateries and gift shops. For kids, a two-acre splash pad called Splash Island, a waterside theatre, and a Discovery Zone are also available. It's the ultimate weekend adventure. But what's changed since its grand opening in 1974? Well, a lot!

Toronto Zoo opening, 01498-ZOO

When the zoo first opened more than four decades ago, it was considered to be the most innovative and forward-thinking zoo in the world. Now, 45 years later, the Toronto Zoo is a recognized leader in advancing knowledge about wildlife health, reproduction, and scientific research, which is reflected in the lives of the 5,000 animals that call the Toronto Zoo home. 

One of the key things that hasn't changed, though? The quality of care and level of commitment of the Wildlife Care staff, who make it their mission to protect endangered species. And they're definitely doing a good job because four of their current animals have been at the zoo since its opening in 1974. 

Toronto Zoo, orangutan, 01498-ZOO

Among these lovely creatures, there's famous Charles the Western lowland gorilla, now 46 years old, and curious Josephine the Western lowland gorilla, now 47.

We can't forget Puppe the Sumatran orangutan, 51 years old. With six offspring and four grandchildren, the zoo's oldest animal is thriving through the help and dedication of the staff. 

Toronto Zoo, old photo,  01498-ZOO

Today, the zoo participates in many conservation initiatives, including habitat and species research, captive breeding, and reintroduction. In fact, since its opening, thousands of endangered and critically endangered animals have been released into the wild. 

This signifiant number includes 411 black-footed ferrets, 138 Vancouver Island marmots, 256 Eastern loggerhead shrikes, and 146,586 Puerto Rican Crested toads.

Toronto Zoo, old-school photo, 01498-ZOO

The Toronto Zoo's mission has always been to help protect species and their habitats. So, visit the zoo to celebrate its 45 years of leadership in animal conservation!

Visit torontozoo.com to purchase 45% off admission tickets for August 15, 2019. Keep up with all the latest by checking out their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.