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Toronto Zoo Gets $5 Million From The City For Massive After-Hours Light Show

City of Toronto officially approves $5 million loan for Toronto Zoo's new after hours light show called Lumina Experience.

The Toronto Zoo is about to get lit – literally. The City of Toronto has now given the Toronto Zoo a $5 million loan to finance their new after-hours light show attraction. The exciting news was revealed to the public today on Thursday, March 28. City council has voted in favour of approving the loan, according to CityNews

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The Toronto Zoo submitted a proposal to the city earlier this month on March 5 and asked for a $5 million loan in order to make the new after-hours light show at this zoo a reality. Now a few weeks later, the city has approved their loan and we cannot wait to see this new light exhibit come to life. 

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The all new light attraction at the Toronto Zoo will be called the Lumina Experience! The exhibit will provide visitors with "immersive illuminations and interactive displays", according to the proposal. The experience for the light exhibit will consist of walking tours that last 45 to 60 minutes. Lumina Experience will be an after-hours ticketed event. 

Lumina Experience will be produced by Moment Factory, which is a multimedia studio based in Montreal. The company has already created similar Lumina light experiences in other parts of Canada and around the world and they've been a huge hit. 

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"Installations at Fort Henry in Kingston, Whistler Resort in British Columbia, and the Singapore Zoo were contacted to determine what the Lumina experience has meant to them," read the proposal. "All locations were extremely positive about the experience and noted that the program being 'so successful' that they had to adjust their operations accordingly."

Want to get a sneak preview of what to expect for the Lumina Experience at the Toronto Zoo? Check out some photos of Moment Factory's Lumina light exhibits at other locations below! The pictures are sure to get you excited. 

The new light experience will not only be pretty to look at but will also serve a greater purpose. Lumina Experience aims to promote conservation awareness to the public through its exhibits. 

"The Lumina experience ties in with the Zoo experience of touching hearts of the guest by creating magical moments that inspire guests to make positive change to help the environment," reads the proposal. "It follows the Zoo Mission as a 'compelling guest experience and inspiring passion to protect wildlife and habitats'".

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The zoo hopes that this new attraction will boost the number of visitors as well as bring in extra revenue. "A major objective of the program / experience is to increase awareness of the Zoo being open year-round and to attract different audience demographics," says the proposal. 

The Toronto Zoo already plans to open the new exhibit as soon as this year! They are aiming for an opening date of December 2019, which is perfectly in time for the holidays.  

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