Tickets For The Toronto Zoo's Drive-Thru Experience Are Officially On Sale Today

Time for an adventure!
Toronto Zoo's Drive-Thru Experience Tickets Go On Sale Today
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Get your safari hat ready, because tickets are available online today for the Toronto Zoo's newest experience. You can soon get your cuteness fill without leaving your car on this animal-filled adventure.  Fire up your engines, because the Toronto Zoo's Drive-Thru experience is opening this Saturday. 

Earlier this week, the Toronto Zoo announced that it would be reopening and that things would look a little different.

Instead of wandering along pathways, you'll be able to experience the attraction while remaining in your car. 

The Scenic Safari Drive-Thru is officially opening on Saturday, May 23.

The experience consists of a 3.4-kilometre route made up of pathways and staff-only roads.

You can drive through a lion cave in the African Savanna, and adventure across areas such as Indo-Malaya.

The entire visit will take around 45 minutes to an hour. There is even a guided audio tour available through the zoo's podcast. 

Tickets will be on sale on the zoo's website starting today. Vehicles with two or fewer occupants cost $44, and three or more occupants cost $59. Prices for members are cheaper.

The zoo requires that only members of the same household travel in a vehicle together.

Drive-thru experiences are becoming more popular now that social distance regulations are in place.

You can travel to Jurassic Park at this reptile zoo filled with giant moving dinosaurs. The attraction is now allowing cars to drive along the pathways on select days.

Toronto's Van Gogh exhibit has also transformed into a motorized experience. You can view the gallery from your car next month.

This summer, the band July Talk will be performing at a drive-in movie theatre.

Grab your roomies and buy your ticket to the Toronto Zoo's new safari adventure starting this weekend.

Toronto Zoo Scenic Safari Drive-Thru

Price: $32 +

Why You Need It: Take a unique adventure through the zoo without leaving your car!

Madeline Forsyth
Associate Editor
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