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Torontonians Already Lining Up Outside The Hunny Pot Cannabis Store Ahead Of Tomorrow's Grand Opening

Torontonians are already lining up outside The Hunny Pot, which will likely be Toronto's only cannabis store opening on April 1.

On the eve of legal pot shops in Ontario, Torontonians are already lining up outside The Hunny Pot cannabis store ahead of tomorrow's grand opening. The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co was one of the lucky companies to score one of 25 cannabis licenses that were given out in a lottery back in January. Now just over two months later, customers are eagerly anticipating their opening. 

Some people are so excited for the opening that they have opted to bear the snow and cold in Toronto right now to be the first people in line for when The Hunny Pot opens it's doors for the first time ever tomorrow morning at 9 AM. Despite that being over 12 hours away, people are already lining up and have been all weekend. 

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According to CP24, the first person in line outside The Hunny Pot is Caryma Sa’d who has been camped outside the store with her assistant Marie Koued. CP24 reports that they have been there with a tent since Friday afternoon. Sa'd also happens to be a cannabis lawyer. 

It's unconfirmed whether other people have lined up behind Sa'd and her assistant, but one twitter account reports that "there are already a few people lined up outside the Hunny Pot" though they don't specify how many. 

So there are already a few people lined up outside the Hunny Pot on Queen West. #legal #cannabis #weed #marijuana #April1 #Canada #upinsmoke

March 31, 2019

Another Twitter user also points out that The Hunny Pot will likely be very busy tomorrow when they officially open. 

The Hunny Pot is going to be jammed.

March 31, 2019

One reason for this is that right now, it looks like The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. will be the only legal cannabis retailers opening up in Toronto tomorrow.

While five licenses were given out in Toronto alone, Hunny Pot is the only one that is up and ready to hit the ground running on April 1. One other has been fully granted its cannabis authorization while the other three stores are still in the public review phase. 

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Cannabis stores that fail to open on April 1 could be fined up to $12,500 and if they are still not open by May 1 they will be fined $50,000. 

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