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Torontonians Are Pissed That The The TTC "Despacito" Accordion Guy Has Been Fined By Transit Police

If you take the TTC throughout the week you might have bumped into one of the two Despacito guys playing their accordions on the subway. While many love the busking pair and their jaunty version of the Fonsi and Daddy Yankee song - the TTC wasn't having any more of it. 

According to the National Post, two Toronto Transit Commission special constables caught one of the buskers on a southbound train from St. Andrews station yesterday morning at around 11:15 A.M.
The TTC officers then charged the guy with "interfering with the ordinary enjoyment of the transit system," says TTC spokesman Stuart Green. He's being fined $235, which could be lowered if he decides to fight the charges in court.

While the TTC is happy to have apprehended one of the guys who they see as disruptive on the subway, the local commuters of the city have a different view. 

Many who heard the news took to Twitter to voice just how they feel about the pair being napped by the transit's special constables. 

One of the Despacito guys have shown up multiple times in my subway car. I quite enjoy it and you could tell many around me did as well. Worst case they were indifferent. But I understand TTC shutting them down before you start seeing a trend.

May 1, 2018

They fined the Despacito accordion guy on the #ttc? I can think of 3000 things more annoying and more deserving of fines than playing a folksy rendition of a pop song.

May 1, 2018

I'm genuinely kind of sad that one of the Despacito accordian guys got busted. I know, I know, infractions, annoying, not a ttc approved musician.... But still. It was kind of great.

May 1, 2018

While we get why the TTC had to put an end to the Despacito accordion guys we also are just as sad that we won't be enjoying the bops during our commute anymore.  

Source: National Post

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