The city of Toronto was rattled by a shooter who opened fire on innocent victims in the Danforth area earlier this week killing two young women, one 18 and the other only 10 years old and injuring 13 others. But the community has begun to bounce back, stronger than ever. 

To show their support, Torontonians have taken to Twitter to share their favourite places to eat on the Danforth and these are some of their top picks. 

Should we start a chain about your favourite places to eat on the Danforth? Let’s start a chain about your favourite places to eat on the Danforth. GOOOOOO!

24 July 2018

1. Danforth Dragon

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Danforth Dragon has been suggested by multiple users for their amazing Hakka Chinese cuisine. This type of food is lesser known when it comes to Chinses dishes but originates from the Hakka people who live in China and Taiwan. One Torontonian specifically recommends trying the chili chicken and crispy ginger eggplant here.

2. Allen's 

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Allen's Burgers is another popular suggestion by people who have praised the restaurant for its amazing burgers, impressive whisky menu, and craft beer selections. One user has even claimed that a pint at Allen's is pretty much perfection.

3. Globe Bistro

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Globe Bistro has made the list for fine dining in the Danforth area. The upscale restaurant offers farm-to-table food grown at home in Canada and a large wine list for the ultimate pairings.

4. Akropolis

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This bakery has all the best desserts that Greece has to offer at a great price and is one of the oldest businesses in Greektown. One person especially recommends their spanikopita, baklava, and loukoumades, all traditional Greek desserts.

5. Danforth Pizza House

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If you are looking for a pizza, people recommend none other than Danforth pizza. One Twitter user says they serve up classic Toronto-pies, while another claims the $6 mini pizza on the menu is perfect.

6. Simone's 

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Simone's has earned their spot on the list through their amazing Caribbean food and island atmosphere, including their outdoor patio in the summer. Simone's is just one example of the different cultures that are also represented in Toronto's Greektown.

The Twitter thread was started by the Toronto Star's food writer Karon Lui and got 84 replies and 25 retweets from people eager to share their suggestions and support for the community following this week's tragedy.

Beyond all these restaurants, the Danforth is also home to a massive food festival, The Taste of The Danforth, which takes place on August 10th-12th this year.