Of the many neighbourhoods in Toronto, none is as esteemed and luxurious as the Bridle Path. Most people in Toronto know of the Bridle Path as the “rich” community where millionaires and celebrities carry on with their lavish lives, but what does it actually take to live there?

A Redditor posed such question online, asking Torontonians to share their thoughts. The question was phrased as follows:

“Who actually lives on the Bridle Path? What kind of people can afford these properties? Celebrities? Judges? Doctors? Drug lords? I can't fathom it knowing how much I pay to rent a one-bedroom in a heritage building with no balconies. It actually seems like no one lives there at all. Yet the properties are always having work done on them. Who needs all that space? How much would a property like that even cost?”

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People replied with their stories and experiences, many of which involved the same themes: parties, business execs, and celebrities.

“I live right on the edge ( about two minutes North). I have been to a few of the annual "Bridle Bash" fundraisers and I have acquaintances and have met many of their neighbours in the Bridle Path.

Other than a few that are celebrities, every single one that I know or have met are med/large business owners. No doctors/lawyers except for ones that own companies related to their fields. You mentioned drug lords. No they live in mansions in Caledon. Easier to secure the property.

My friends that are regular doctors and lawyers wouldn't be able to cover the yearly taxes alone on a Bridle Path property, let alone the mortgage payments and upkeep.” - awesome_guy99

“Celebrities and people with their own very large business [can afford to live there]. If you're a doctor/lawyer/accountant or any of the other professions making 500k+, you cannot afford a $15 million home. They live in really nice areas like Summerhill/Rosedale/Thorncrest/The Kingsway or many of the cities areas with homes for $3 million.” - milolai

“My company is building a couple houses on Bridal Path right now, one on the property opposite of Drake’s new build. The people are just who you would think: CEOs, people with old money... Other than Drake though, I don’t know any notables.” - sirachasamurai

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What wasn’t discussed in the thread was the fact that a life of luxury also attracts a lot of crime. In a new report by CTV News, it was revealed that the Bridle Path had been the target of 160 break-ins just this year alone, with millions of dollars’ worth of valuables stolen from mansions in the neighbourhood.

Many of the break-ins were conducted through the second-storey doors or windows of the properties, and police think that the criminals were often successful because residents are less likely to install alarm systems on the second floor.

Would you like to live on the Bridle Path?