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Torontonians React To The Latest Sighting Of "Tinfoil Man" On The TTC

A sighting of Toronto's "tinfoil man" on the TTC subway yesterday afternoon yields more questions than answers.
Torontonians React To The Latest Sighting Of "Tinfoil Man" On The TTC

Yesterday afternoon, a man was photographed on the TTC subway's Bloor line dressed in unusual garb. Onlookers were equally confused and amused by the passenger's extravagant hat, seemingly constructed of tin foil and shredded coloured paper. Also by his eccentric jacket, adorned in crosses and a picture of Jesus Christ.

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He was also carrying a black briefcase on his lap and flipped through a book as he rode the train. "Toronto's finest", one user commented on a picture of the "Tinfoil Man" that was posted on Reddit early Friday morning. The man seated next to him, however, seems unimpressed.

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"I see this guy sometimes at the GoodLife at Don Mills and Eglinton.  Always on the elliptical" commented another user.

Via Alanelian | Reddit

"THE END TIMES ARE UPON US" another Reddit user joked.  Other commenters remarked that the man is "probably an exorcist", and accused him of being "creepy" and performing "voodoo".  Some spectators regarded the situation a bit more seriously, however, questioning if the man required some sort of "mental health assistance".

The TTC is no stranger to its fair share of unusual passengers.  Who can forget the smoky-eyed raccoon that hopped on the subway at Spadina station back in 2016?

Fun ride on ttc this morning @CP24

February 2, 2016

Or in 2010, the pigeon who knew exactly at which stop it needed to get off?

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And how could we ever forget the transit rider on the 47 Landsdowne bus who was spotted carrying a 30-gallon drum of Cinnabon frosting?

This man was spotted on a Toronto bus carrying a 30 gallon drum of Cinnabon frosting. Dreams DO come true. - @marymegahy

May 1, 2017

Thanks for making our commutes that much more interesting, Toronto!

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