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Probably The 8 Best Places To Eat Fish And Chips In Toronto

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Probably The 8 Best Places To Eat Fish And Chips In Toronto

Since I've ate some amazing and fresh fish & chips in UK over the summer, I kind of see myself as a ''connoisseur''. I don't have any culinary experience, but I love live to eat, so that's a good start.

I had fish and chips in mind all morning, so I decided to call some friends, and do some research to find the best places to eat the favourite meal of the English in Toronto.

Here are the 8 restaurants that offer tasty food and the best ambiance to enjoy with your favourite, fish-fanatic friends (now say that five time fast):

Olde Yorke Fish and Chips // 96 Laird Drive

If you don't have the money to fly to England, just stop at Olde York on your way from work. The owner of this place have been in the fish & chip business in the UK since 1969. This is probably the most authentic taste you'll find in Toronto.

Buster's Sea Cove //  93 Front Street E

Buster's Sea Cove is one of the best hidden gems in the St. Lawrence Market. The white battered halibut there is apparently better than the one served in Great Britain. It comes with tartar sauce, freshly made fries and cole slaw.

Chippy's Fish & Chips // 893 Queen Street W

This small new restaurant is the best place to go to if you don't have the time to sit for a long meal. Their dipping sauces are to die for and the cozy decor is perfect for good Instagrams.

Kingsway Fish and Chips // 3060 Bloor Street W

This is one of the best spots in the west end to eat a good traditional fish and chips. The prices are affordable, the food is fresh and the fish is crispy and not greasy.

Photo cred - kcfoodiegirl

Fresco's Fish and Chips // 213 Augusta Avenue

This spot is an institution in the heart of Kensington Market. You can't really go wrong ordering anything on the menu, from butter chicken poutine to the haddock and chips, always juicy and tender.

Sea Witch Fish and Chips // 636 Saint Clair Avenue W

This pretty place is known for their wide selection of seafood and their friendly staff. The food, fresh and made in house, looks gorgeous and it tastes even better.

The One That Got Away // 581 King Street West

This King Street West place offers more experimental takes on the British classic. The newspaper under the food as well as the nautical decor makes for a fun experience.

John & Sons Oyster House // 56 Temperance Street

This restaurant is the best choice if you want to eat good fish and chips, but your friends want to eat something more sophisticated. You should probably make a reservation before going, to ensure you have time to enjoy their good selection of beer and wine.

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