Toronto's 8 Most Insta-Worthy Street Art Murals

Can you recognize these pieces from downtown Toronto?

With summer coming to a close, you've got to take advantage of the great weather in Toronto and do as much as you can outdoors before the winter snow comes. Whether you will be going to the CNE this week, trying to spot Drake in the 6, or simply trying to find some one-on-one time with yourself there are countless things to do in the city.

If you are looking for something fun, unique, and even a little thought-provoking, you may want to check out the beautiful art and graffiti sprawled on Toronto's buildings. The medium of street art, having been once maligned by the general public, can now be appreciated as a great and legitimate art form. And rightly so!

Toronto has a great array of districts and neighbourhoods that have their own unique blend of street art including Kensington Market and Graffiti Alley. Judging by the title of Graffiti Alley, one can expect to see an incredible gallery of works there. Stretching west from Spadina Avenue to Portland Street, you will not be disappointed by the artwork Graffiti Alley boasts. Its back alley entrance can be found between Queen and Richmond Street.

Photo cred. - torontostreetart

This intensely visceral and expansive mural seems to emphasize eyes and specifically the act of looking. Vision is quite interesting in terms of this piece and the medium of street graffiti as a whole, not only because we as viewers, or simple passersby, ingest its images in an informal and daily way, but also because street art is inherently temporary due to its position, for the most part, on public property. Also, you cannot go wrong with an ostrich.

Photo cred. - justinpluslauren

Keeping with the theme of eyes, there is plenty to look at in this piece. It seems to be a collage of faces overlapping one another. Besides bringing up images of Picasso, this piece infuses colour in a very cool way, and is simply nice to look at.

Photo cred. - clarrylovespiee

Just look how excited "clarrylovespiee" looks. This could be you. Jokes aside, this piece looks awesome and draws obvious influence from the classic Japanese "The Wave."

Photo cred. - Celestial Scenes

Realistically, how cool does this one look? Another great use of colour  as a school of fish swim across this orangey-red backdrop. Not too mention there are some sea crustaceans playing poker to the left. Great stuff.

Photo cred. - zzzbri

This piece seemingly gives a shout-out to Toronto's large Jamaican community as a Rastafarian adorns the walls of graffiti alley. The way this work contours to the building (i.e. the window frame and his pointing finger) is a great example of street art's unique character.

Photo cred. - rachellewithacamera

This looks to be a continuation of the earlier picture of fish playing poker. If this picture doesn't make you want to head down to graffiti alley, nothing will. Also, that colour though.

Photo cred. - rachellewithacamera

How can you go wrong with a majestic owl wearing a chain? Like, c'mon.

Photo cred. - malofamerica

I promise this will be the last one of the large ocean mural. But, damn, this one is great, not too mention that these pictures were taken this year, meaning that there is a great chance you can still see this piece in person.

Photo cred. - thelavinagency

We couldn't write an article on graffiti alley without mentioning that it is in fact the location of Rick Mercer's "rants" from the Rick Mercer Report. Note that he also seems to be a fan of the fish mural.