Toronto's Official 2019 Brunch Bucket List

Brunch is life!
Toronto's Official 2019 Brunch Bucket List

The bustling city of Toronto that we call home has so much to offer in the way of amazing food and restaurants. Our foodie scene never fails to amaze whether you're looking for a cute cafe for a jolt of caffeine, a romantic dinner restaurant for a first date, or a cozy brunch spot to get your morning fuel. 

Brunch culture has pretty much taken over the city, with tons of new spots opening up all the time so that's we had to give you an updated list of all the best brunch spots! For 2019, here are all the most amazing brunch restaurants in the city. Use this as your ultimate bucket list and start ticking them off ASAP.


Entertainment District

Kost is pretty much the ultimate brunch spot in Toronto right now. It's on the 44th floor of the luxurious Bisha Hotel and it will make you feel like you're on a beach in the sky! They have a stunning outdoor rooftop patio with a pool and breathtaking views of the CN Tower. Plus, the food is honestly amazing!

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The Green Wood


The Green Wood is an adorable Leslieville brunch spot that focuses on taking local Ontario ingredients and making them into something amazing. This is probably one of my favourite spots in the city because of their pink tiles, lush green plant decor, and delicious food every time!

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Mildred's Temple Kitchen 

Liberty Village

Mildred's Temple Kitchen is probably one of the most Instagrammed brunch spots in all of Toronto. They're known for their ultra fluffy blueberry buttermilk pancakes that literally look like they fell from heaven! We definitely recommend this spot if you want your taste buds to explode from deliciousness.

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Sophie's is a great choice if you're in the east end of the city because it's honestly the cutest spot. It has an adorable outdoor patio for the warmer months and it's decorated with yellow, white and floral designs inside! They also have delicious, classic brunch foods that will definitely satisfy you.

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Schmaltz's Appetizing 

The Annex & Ossington

If you're looking for a quick, on-the-go type brunch spot than Schmaltz's Appetizing is the place to go. They're a classic Jewish bagel shop offering a variety of delicious bagel sandwich combos including the classic cream cheese and lox!

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Isabella's Boutique Restaurant 

The Beaches

If you're in the mood for a Japanese-style brunch, Isabella's is the place to go! The fan favourite here is their super fluffy mochi pancakes that come in tons of different flavours like Matcha, Nutella and bananas, mixed berry and more.

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Wish Restaurant 

Church & Wellesley 

Wish is another one of those insanely Instagrammable spots that Toronto just can't get enough of. Their adorable interior is will make you feel like you were transported to a cozy beach cottage and the food is so pretty you almost won't want to eat it... almost!

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Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen 

Queen West

Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen is an adorable cafe on Queen West that is known for their unique take on eggs Benedict. They make their eggs Benedict with a pink hollandaise sauce that took Instagram by storm! They also make their avocado toast into a cute flower shape that also looks amazing on your feed.

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Lady Marmalade 


Lady Marmalade opened up their new location not that long ago and it's really gorgeous both inside and out. They make some of the best eggs Benedict in the city with all kinds of delicious flavours and toppings that you can't find anywhere else!

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Petit Dejeuner 

King East

This adorable diner-style French bistro is a must-visit in Toronto's east end. Their most popular menu item is the Waffle Benny which is like an eggs Benedict with a Belgium waffle instead of an English muffin and it looks so delicious!

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