The List Of Best Employers In Toronto Has Been Released & Some Of Them Are Hiring

If you're looking for a job these employers will take care of you.
Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto's Best Employers Have Just Been Revealed In A New List

If you’re currently looking for a job in the 6ix, but are unsure of where to work, boy do we ever have the list for you. Toronto’s top employers for 2020 have officially been announced following the end of the 14th annual Greater Toronto’s Top Employers competition, an editorial project that recognizes employers who have exceptional human resources programs and forward-thinking workplace policies.

During the competition, editors mark their employers on eight criteria, Physical Workplace, Work Atmosphere, and Social, Health, Financial and Family Benefits; Vacation and Time-Off; Employee Communications; Performance Management; Training and Skills Development; and finally, Community Involvement. 

"Toronto has seen many booms in its history," said Anthony Meehan, Publisher at MediaCorp in a press release.

"From its early days as a lake port to furniture and warehousing, then as a financial centre and now as one of North America's largest technology hubs – the skyline of this city and the jobs it offers have been shaped by waves of transformation."

According to MediaCorp, the GTA is one of the most competitive employment markets in Canada, so knowing the best employers isn't always a bad thing when you're on the hunt. 

With 40% of Canadian business headquarters located in the city, it's important to know which ones treat their employees the best. 

Some of the names ranked on the list might be some you recognize, such as Scotiabank, Canadian Tire, Kellogg Canada and even the University of Toronto. 

Metrolinx, Pepsi Canada, Samsung Electronics Canada, and Drake Hotel Properties all also made the list. 

Luckily, if you're looking to work for some of the best employers, a lot of them are hiring, or are known to hire quite often. 

Currently, Metrolinx is offering a variety of positions across the GTA including a Track Specialist and a Transit Saftey Officer. 

Drake Hotel Properties is also hiring, and offering tuition subsidies, it seems like the perfect place to get a job. 

While the University of Toronto is often known to hire a variety of positions, such as librarians and assistant professors. 

Anyone who is curious to see the full list of 100 employers can check out the list here.

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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