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You Can Drink Massive Boozy Slushies Topped With Candy At This Toronto Spot

There's nothing that screams summer more than a nice cold drink. When we were kids, we would run down to the nearest corner store and grab a freezie or a slushie to keep us cool. But now that we're adults we still crave that same sugar rush but we also want something alcoholic at the end of a long, sweltering summer day. 

Well, now you can get a perfect mix of your childhood favourite and some booze at Si Lom Thai Bistro! They serve massive boozy slushies served in buckets with different types of alcohol and topped with even more childhood nostalgia, gummy candies!

Si Lom Thai Bistro is located at Church and Wellesley right in the heart of Toronto's downtown core. It's the perfect spot for after work drinks or a weekend celebration with your friends. This spot is known for their delicious, authentic Thai food but that's not the only reason we think you'll love this spot. Their unreal boozy slushies are on the top of our summer bucket list and they should be on yours too! 

They offer 4 different slushie flavours including the Si Lom Windmill which contains rosella juice, grenadine, sparkling soda and tequila. They top this bucket with tons of citrus for a refreshing summer flavour! You can also try the Jolly Bear & Friend Kamikaze which is made with blended ice, vodka, blue curacao, ginger ale, lime, salt and a huge topping of gummy bears. It is also topped with a vile of Alize that you can empty in while you drink.

They also serve their Beer Plus Rita which is basically a bucket of frozen lemonade mixed with tequila topped with a bottle of upside-down Corona! It's so boozy, sweet, and delicious that you'll probably want to order more than one. You can also try their Cha Thai on the Beach bucket and we'll leave this one as a surprise for when you visit, but we'll give you a hint, it's topped with sprinkles.  

The price of these buckets range from $13-$20 each which is definitely a bit steep for a cocktail but when you consider how big they are and all the extra toppings and alcohol that's in them, it's totally worth it! 

We also recommend you try some of their unreal Thai food to go with your slushie bucket. One of their signature dishes is a soft shell crab Pad Thai which sounds so unique and delicious! They specialize in Thai street food which is different from a lot of Thai restaurants in the city but their dishes are so authentic that you know everything on the menu is going to be good.

Check out their website for more information! 

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