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Toronto's "Chair Girl" Case Back In Court Today For The First Time Since Marcella Zoia Was Charged

Toronto's "Chair Girl" case back in court today with Marcella Zoia's lawyer revealing how she's really doing.
Toronto's "Chair Girl" Case Back In Court Today For The First Time Since Marcella Zoia Was Charged

It has been over one month since Marcella Zoia gained notoriety for throwing a chair off a condo balcony in Downtown Toronto. Now, Toronto's "Chair Girl" case is due back in court today, at the Old City Hall courthouse. 

CP24 reported live on TV from the courthouse where they spoke to Zoia's lawyer, Gregory Leslie. He appeared on her behalf, meaning that Zoia was not in attendance at the court appearance today, which was their first appearance since she was charged back in mid-February. During today's appearance, Leslie was given disclosure from the Crown and their next court date was scheduled. 

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That next court date has now been scheduled for April 26, but Leslie revealed that Marcella Zoia won't be in attendance on that day either. In fact, he told reporters that she won't be back in court until the day this is all settled, which he hopes is soon. Leslie told reporters that he thinks it would be in Zoia and society's best interest if they settle this before a trial.

That being said if the Crown is going to push for jail time, Leslie revealed that they will take it to trial to fight that. Based on the charges, this isn't completely off the table. 

One of Marcella Zoia's charges is mischief endangering life, which in Canada could carry a possible sentence of life in prison. According to the Canadian criminal code, "Every one who commits mischief that causes actual danger to life is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life." 

It's unclear right now, what the Crown is seeking in terms of punishment, but Zoia's lawyer is now going over the disclosure and told reporters that he will be meeting with the Crown to try to settle this without a trial. 

Her lawyer, Leslie, also revealed to reporters that despite her reactions leaving court last month, where she was seen smiling for the cameras and her growing Instagram fame, that Marcella Zoia is still very remorseful. He said she is very upset and wants it all to be over with. 

He also said that Zoia has even been expelled from school, where she was studying to be a dental hygenist. 

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Zoia's case is due back before the courts on Friday, April 26 but like today, she likely won't be in attendance. 

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