Say 'cheese'! The brand new shop opening in Toronto is going to have cheese lovers grinning from ear to ear. No, it's not a cheeseburger joint, and it doesn't serve poutine either. This place will have you experiencing cheese in an entirely new - or should I say brew - way! Sip Tea Toronto's cheese tea beverages are about to be served and they actually look so delicious.

Sip Tea is opening its Toronto doors sometime next month, bringing an entirely new tea trend to the city. Toronto is already somewhat of a hotspot for unique tea beverages, from bubble tea milkshakes to perfume bottle tea, but this venue is taking the drink to a whole new level.

If you're picturing liquid cheese in a teacup, think again! The beverages look far from your classic fondue. The cheese topping made from silky, mascarpone cream cheese blended with heavy cream and condensed milk for the perfect, dreamy finish for your drink.

You can choose from salted or unsalted cheese topping, and choose any type of drink to add it to. It pairs best with the blended brewed tea, fruit tea, and fruit smoothies, but if it's your first time visiting, you have to try either the Buckwheat Cheese Tea or Mango Cheese Tea.

Another unique feature about Sip Tea is its dedication to health and wellbeing. Its drinks are made with hydrogen water, a natural anti-oxidant with anti-fatigue and anti-ageing properties. Many of the teas are made with health and beauty food favourites, such as goji berries, peach gum, snow fungus, and more. The beverages are sweetened with natural cane sucrose from Taiwan instead of high-fructose sweeteners. 

The store is slated to open in mid-October, with specific dates to be announced. Start dreaming about your cheese tea order, coming just in time for cozy season!

Sip Tea

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Cheese Tea beverages

Address: 635 Bloor Street W Toronto, ON M6G 1K8

Why You Need To Go: The emerging cheese tea trend is a must-try!