Toronto’s Cherry Blossom Trees In High Park Are Already Starting To Bud (VIDEO)

Sakura in High Park releases first cherry blossom forecast of 2019 and the season is off to a "great start".
Toronto’s Cherry Blossom Trees In High Park Are Already Starting To Bud (VIDEO)

Who's ready for spring? We know we are! After a brutal winter of wild snowstorms and weather, we could not be more excited for spring to finally make an appearance in Toronto. One of the surefire signs of spring? Cherry blossoms. An online cherry blossom update series, called Sakura Watch, has released its first cherry blossom forecast for Toronto. We're happy to report that Toronto can expect a "great start" to cherry blossom season and the buds are already visible

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Despite the cold weatherthe city has been experiencing lately, the cherry blossom trees in Toronto are already showing great potential for a beautifully pink spring season. We cannot wait to see them brighten up the city and add some much-needed colour. 

In the first Sakura Watch update of 2019Sakura in High Park says that "the cherry trees look to be in excellent shape". Not only that, but buds are already visible, which means spring is coming! 

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Most of them were "showing healthy, growing buds", said Sakura in High Park in their update. They also say that it is "a great start to the cherry blossom season". In other words, get ready for a scenically pink spring. Toronto has seen snowstorm after snowstorm this winter, so we are so ready for more colour to pop up in the city. 

Check out the video from Sakura in High Park below talking about the cherry blossom forecast that was posted on YouTube

The first update of 2019 was released around a week ago on March 12, so there could have been even more progress in cherry blossom season since then! 

Sakura in High Park said that there was some weather damage from winter, but that didn't stop the cherry blossom trees from starting to grow. "The good news is that overall the rest of the trees looked in excellent shape," read the post. "Most even had strong signs of healthy buds already growing".

We can't wait until they are in full bloom and High Park looks like a spring wonderland. See pictures below to get even more excited! 

No official date has been revealed for when the cherry blossoms will start blooming, so stay tuned! Sakura in High Park said that they will be continuing to monitor the cherry blossom trees in the following weeks. 

We're happy to know that at least cherry blossom season is already off to a great start and we can expect a beautifully pink spring season. We're ready for winter to not be a thing anymore in Toronto.