Toronto Is Using Fences To Block People From Seeing The Cherry Blossoms This Year (PHOTOS)

Police will also be patrolling the areas.
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Toronto's Cherry Blossoms Are Being Fenced Off From The Public This Year (PHOTOS)

If you were hoping to see Toronto's cherry blossoms this year, you will only be able to do so virtually. The City of Toronto has announced that it will be closing parks and using fences in attempts to stop people from gathering near these blooming trees. Those who are caught trying to get a closer look can even be facing hefty fines. 

Photos of fences being placed around the trees in Trinity Bellwoods Park appeared on social media this week. 

The fences are being used as a way to stop residents from gathering in the areas and ignoring the City's social distancing rules. 

According to the City of Toronto, these fences are being erected throughout Trinity Bellwoods. Police services will also be patrolling the area as well as other spots around Toronto that have these popular trees to ensure that people are keeping their distance.

High Park, which often draws thousands of people every year to see the blossoms, will be shutting down completely during this time. 

While the park is already closed to vehicle traffic, it will also be prohibiting foot traffic throughout the pre-bloom and bloom seasons. 

The official dates of when this closure will be taking place have yet to be announced. 

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"I know this closure will be tough for local residents who enjoy High Park year-round and those who look forward to seeing the cherry blossoms every year," read a statement from Mayor John Tory. 

If residents are caught trying to visit these popular tourist attractions, police will be handing out social distancing fines.

The City of Toronto states that violations of accessing a closed park can range anywhere from $750 to $5,000. 

However, while parks are being fenced off and shut down, not all hope is lost for those who wish to see the blossoms this year. 

Earlier this month, it was announced that High Park would be live-streaming its trees so that you can watch them blossom from the comfort of your own home. 

While the live-stream is still in the works, the City states that it will include a virtual walkthrough of the flowers, as well as multiple live-streamed events. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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