Spring in Toronto first started off great. However, the nice, warm weather did not last. Lately, it's felt like spring has forgotten about us – and unfortunately, it's not just us feeling it, but the cherry blossoms too. Toronto's cherry blossoms will now be blooming later than expected this season

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Sakura in High Park provided the newest update on the cherry blossom season in Toronto yesterday in a blog post on Thursday, April 4. Unfortunately, it was not good news. The cherry blossoms in High Park are now forecasted to start blooming later than previously expected. 

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Previously, Sakura in High Park predicted that cherry blossom season could start as soon as mid-April, which is only a week or two away. Now, based on their latest update from yesterday, it looks like we'll have to wait at least another couple weeks for the blossoms to bloom. Cherry blossom season is expected to now start between late April and early May. 

So what is the reason for the delayed start to cherry blossom season in Toronto? Well, you can thank the wild weather the city has been experiencing for that. 

Check out their latest video update on the cherry blossoms in High Park below! 

The cold weather has kept the cherry blossoms from blooming and bringing some much-needed bright pink colours to the city. "Windy day in the park made it challenging to get good photos and videos, but the wind gusts weren’t strong enough to cause any real damage to the trees," says Sakura in High Park in their latest update.

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"The real concern I had was with the cold. The continued exposure to cold weather has slowed bud development and is keeping them locked in the early stages."

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According to Sakura in High Park, the cherry blossom buds in Toronto will need consistently warm temperatures in order to go into their next stage of blooming. Although temperatures in the city are expected to reach 18°C on Monday, they will significantly dip again the following day on Tuesday, according to the forecast from The Weather Network

We hope that the weather in Toronto gets significantly warmer soon and starts to actually resemble spring for the rest of the season – for both our sakes and the cherry blossom trees.