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It's Up To You To Save Christmas At This Holiday Themed Escape Room In Toronto

See if you have what it takes to save our favourite holiday!
Toronto Senior Staff Writer
Toronto's Christmas Escape Room Will Take You On A Magical Journey To The North Pole

Your Christmas bucket list might consist of traditional things like gingerbread house decorating, holiday movie bingeing, and cookie baking. This year, you can do something a little different by visiting this holiday escape room in Toronto. Put on your superhero cape, because Christmas needs saving, and it's up to you to rise to the challenge. Grab a group of your brightest friends and visit Toronto's Christmas escape room this year for a totally festive adventure.

Mysterious Minds in Toronto is hosting a Quest To Save Christmas Event, which allows you to journey to the North Pole in order to save everyone's favourite holiday.

The escape room challenge is available in three different levels; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. You can choose just how difficult you want your experience to be. 

You'll enter the magical world of the North Pole, where catastrophe has struck.

Pepper Minstrix, the Head Elf, has been kidnapped by the Grinch. Pepper is responsible for making the Magical Reindeer Dust that helps the animals fly, and now Santa's Sleigh will never get off the ground.

It's up to you and your team to find your way into Pepper's office and locate all the ingredients needed to create the dust.

With the reindeer ready to go, you need to make and deliver the dust before it's too late.

[rebelmouse-image 25958252 photo_credit="Mysterious Minds" expand=1 original_size="600x400"]

The event costs $25 per adult and $20 per child. You can book your spot on the website.

You can also visit another festive escape room in Toronto this season. Trivia Escape Rooms is hosting a Christmas adventure that takes you through some of your favourite holiday films.

The record times for each level are listed on the website, with the Advanced first place finishing the challenge in just under 52 minutes.

See if you have what it takes to save Christmas this year!

[rebelmouse-image 25958253 photo_credit="Mysterious Minds " expand=1 original_size="600x400"]

The Quest To Save Christmas

Price: $25 per adult

Address: 322 Bloor St. W., 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Rise to the challenge and save Christmas this year!

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