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Toronto's Chung Chun Rice Dogs Just Opened & You Can Get One For $2.99 Today

Move over, corndogs! A whole new sausage-on-a-stick phenomenon is hitting Canada, and it's giving traditional corndogs a run for their money. It turns out that Korea has its own version of these iconic hotdogs, and they are super over-the-top. Today, we can finally get our hands on these drool-worthy treats, thanks to the opening of the very first Koren style hot dog venue in Toronto! Your lunch plans have officially been made because Toronto's Chung Chun rice dogs have hit the city and you need to try one.

What exactly is a rice dog, you might be wondering? Similar to a corndog or pogo, a rice dog is a sausage or other savory stick rolled in sticky rice batter. It's then topped with panko breadcrumbs and additional toppings of your choice and freshly fried on the spot. Who's already hungry?

Chung Chun is Canada's only rice dog brand, and the company is opening the doors of its very first store in Toronto today. In celebration of their arrival, Chung Chun is offering all of their hotdogs for only $2.99 all day. Head over and try some of these outrageous corndogs for a discounted price. It's the perfect mid-week pick-me-up.

While the official Toronto menu is not yet available, other locations are serving dishes like the Takoyaki Rice Dog, which features sausage and mozzarella wrapped in a tempura crust and dried seaweed. Other options include ramen noodle chips and a squid ink flavour!

You'll have to visit the store yourself to see what exciting options are being offered in Toronto!

The $2.99 deal is on for today only, and with so many crazy looking flavours, it's a great time to try more than one. You can get more delicious discounts at LeTAO's Toronto opening this week as well!

Chung Chun's Rice Dogs

Price: đź’¸

Cuisine: Korean rice dogs

Address: 11 Byng Ave North York, ON M2N 5R6

Why You Need To Go: Try out the very first rice dog brand in Canada! The grand opening is happening today, and you can get all hotdogs for $2.99 each.

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