If COVID-19 closures have you mourning your nights out on the town, then there is some good news coming your way. While you may not be able to come out to the bar, the bar can come to you thanks to the city's new alcohol delivery policy. One bar has come up with a creative way to get their cocktails to our homes, and creative names to go a long with them. Toronto's cocktail delivery lets you sip quarantine-themed drinks while isolating.

After all non-essential businesses were temporarily closed in Ontario on March 23, bars across the 6ix were forced to shut their doors.

On March 26, the Liquor Licence Act was adjusted, allowing alcohol to be sold through takeout and delivery.

There are a few conditions that apply when ordering alcohol. It must be sold in sealed containers between designated hours, and must be accompanied by a food purchase.

Project Gigglewater, a popular Toronto cocktail bar, has come up with a unique way to sell their drinks while adding a bit of humour to the situation.

The bar has launched a "Quaranti Factory", which is mixing up some special isolation-themed cocktails for you to sip at home.

You can order drinks like, "Keep Calm & Quarantine", and "Toilet Paper Greens."

"Breakfast Of Self-Isolating Champions" comes with St. Remy VSOP, grapefruit orange cordial, lemon, and English breakfast tea.

You can also get a "Get Hype & Skype" cocktail with silver tequila, pineapple, lime, peppermint tea, and cardamom. 

The drinks must come with an order of food, so the bar is providing bags of chips for $0.75, with more options in the works.

The cocktails come in sealed containers for you to mix up at home.

To order your quarantine cocktail, the bar suggests using their Instagram page, but you can also go through Facebook and email.

Deliveries are made on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and are free within their zone on purchases over $50.

To pay for your order, you can e-transfer Project Gigglewater.

Quaranti Factory

Price: $60 +

Address: 1369 Dundas St. W., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Order quarantine-themed drinks to your door so you can have a night out at home.