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Toronto’s New Coronavirus Case Is The First Human-To-Human Spread Of The Virus In Ontario

Ontario's sixth case of the COVID-19 has been confirmed.
Toronto’s New Coronavirus Case Is The First Human-To-Human Spread Of The Virus In Ontario

Toronto has now confirmed its sixth case of the novel coronavirus in Ontario. According to Dr. David Williams, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health, the husband of Ontario's fifth patient has now also tested positive for the virus. Medical experts believe that this Toronto Coronavirus case is the result of the first human to human transmission of COVID-19 in Ontario.

"We are working alongside Toronto Public Health, who is now and will continue to be in regular contact with this individual during their self-isolation period," explained Dr. Williams in a government press release.

According to Toronto Public Health, officials are still actively working on ways to manage and contain the virus.

It's worth noting that there have been no reported deaths from the virus in the country. However, individuals who become infected are being closely monitored alongside anyone they have been in contact with.

Despite the new case, health officials are reminding Torontonians that their chances of contracting the virus remain low.

Ontario's newly confirmed cases of the virus occurred after a woman, who recently travelled to Iran, began showing symptoms upon her return.

When she returned home, her husband, who had not been to Iran with her, also started to show symptoms of the virus. This makes this case the first human to human transmission in Ontario. 

According to Newstalk1010 via Canadian Press, Iran is suffering from one of the worst outbreaks outside of mainland China, with 280 confirmed cases.

"This newly diagnosed person has a recent history of travel to Iran. She became unwell after arriving in Toronto. Upon presenting to the hospital's emergency department, a thorough medical assessment was completed, and COVID-19 testing was initiated," a statement from Dr. Eileen de Villa, Toronto's Medical Officer of Health read.

"She was then discharged and is presently at home in self-isolation. Two members of this person's family are also currently in self-isolation at home," she adds.

"At this time, the virus is not circulating locally, however, given the global spread, we are actively working with our City and health partners to plan for the potential of local spread."

"We continue to carefully monitor this situation and encourage residents to stay informed by regularly reviewing credible information sources," the statement concludes

Earlier this week, Dr. Vera Etches, the City of Ottawa’s top health officer told residents that they should start stocking up on food and prescriptions as the virus could become a pandemic. 

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