Mayor John Tory Says Toronto's Reopening Will Come With A Celebration

A "celebratory aspect" is being planned.
Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto's COVID-19 Lockdown Will End With A Celebration, Says Tory

As the state of emergency continues across the province, it could take a while for life in the 6ix to return to normal. However, Mayor John Tory has revealed when it comes time for Toronto's COVID-19 lockdown to end, the city will be ready. In fact, the mayor is already looking at planning a celebratory event. 

While Tory states that it will be a while before the lockdown ends, he has hinted at a potential "celebratory aspect" to the city's reopening during an interview on Tuesday morning with CP24.

"We are planning for it. I don't want people to think that means it will happen tomorrow afternoon because it won't, but we are very conscious of the fact that people want this," Tory told CP24 after being asked about the city's plans to reopen.

"That is why we are saying, please stay home and please stay two metres apart from each other so the day can come sooner," he added.

However, this isn't the only party that Tory has promised residents. On St. Patrick's Day, the mayor also stated that if everyone continues to practice social distancing he would ensure a party to celebrate the holiday would be thrown at a later date. 

Tory also responded to questions about how Toronto is reacting to other cities across the globe resuming normal life.

According to CTV News,  Austria, Wuhan, Denmark, and Italy have all recently made strides to get back on track following their respective lockdowns.

"We are watching it happening because we do sort of have the advantage of those people being ahead of us on the calendar," Tory said, according to CTV.

"So how they are doing it and how it works but we are also going to see how it works in the context of the health aspects because we are very concerned that we don't do it too soon and we don't end up with a second wave hitting us right away and then we are back to the sort of lockdown again," he added.

Yet, it may take some time before we see the lockdown lift.

The Ontario government announced on Monday that it would be extending its emergency order until the end of May.

The order, which was initially supposed to end on April 28, will see the continuing closure of Toronto's recreational areas, non-essential workplaces, public places and bars, and restaurants.

Premier Doug Ford told reporters during a press conference on Monday that while the government's new social distancing laws appear to be working, residents of the province will likely be stuck in lockdown for at least "a little bit longer."

In fact, Ontario Health predicts that the COVID-19 pandemic could even last as long as two years in the province. 

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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